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The Lake to the Lighthouse: Support Alex' Army with Road Captain’s Biker Ride Event

The Lake to the Lighthouse Motorcycle Run is a one-of-a-kind bike ride brings together a cause and a hobby that may initially seem rather unrelated: substance abuse and motorcycling. With Motorcycle Mayhem and Strip Club Choppers as co-sponsors, Road Captain has set out to make a difference, bringing riders together for a charitable cause. The event is all set to take place on June 16, 2018, with the Kickstands Up at 11:30 a.m.

The lake to the light house ride

Support Alex’s Army

RoadCaptain has set out for co-sponsoring this upcoming bike ride event with an aim that has more than mere fun to it: providing support for the Alex Fisher Foundation – better known as Alex’s Army. The spectacular organization is an effort to prevent drug use among teens and young adults by raising awareness about the effects of abuse. With nearly 1.3 million American teens and nearly 21 million of all Americans indulging in substance abuse, Alex’s Army is eager to tell young people how certain things are just not recreational; a single intake for ‘fun’ can ruin several lives.

RoadCaptain stands with Alex’s Army to propose the most important argument in the matter: to have fun does not equate to doing drugs! Motorcycle riding and traveling is one of the best examples of feeling the adrenaline and experiencing exhilaration without having to use any harmful substances. It is merely about exploring one’s own energy, living carefree, and setting out to explore the beautiful world we live in!

  light house ride

With the app (downloadable on Play Store and App Store), motorcycling has become easier and safer than ever. You can plan your route to provide comfort and thrill. You can easily avoid bad routes or those that come with hindrances like potholes, you can find the best scenic spots, and you can even find the best eateries and motels along your way. From packing to returning from a motorcycle travel tip, RoadCaptain stays with you and strives to not only provide you with convenience but also with a welcoming, like-minded community.

The Lake to the Lighthouse ride is just one such effort to create awareness about both substance abuse, and about healthy hobbies like biking. Some of the proceeds from the event will go to Alex’s Army, helping them in their humanitarian cause.

The ride begins at Frogzz Saloon on June 16, and promises the best drug-free fun you could have. Bring your Harleys and Indian Rivers, or come in just to watch if you need the motivation to get on your first motorcycle. Either way, this is not an event you would want to miss!


RoadCaptain on Supporting Motorcycling

We are adamant that riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable, adventurous and safe activity. Motorcyclists are adventurous individuals seeking to find themselves while discovering the world on a bike, while also making sure that they keep their safety in check. And for this, RoadCaptain seeks to provide the maximum assistance.

Road Captain App Participates in Panama City Beach Bike Week

May 2/5/ 2018

Motorcycling is one of those hobbies that soon turn into a lifestyle, simply because you can’t have enough of the adrenaline rush that comes with it. If you have been biking alone or with a friend, you would be pleased to know that it only gets better when you meet similar people! And indeed, any biker would realize this, simply because of the way those who have never been on a motorcycle look at those who have. Riding a motorcycle comes with a certain stereotype, and nothing feels better than finding a group of people who understand who are you are and what you do: that motorcycle riding is an adventure, and that is the only way it defines you!

Bringing Bikers Together

It is with this sole aim – to bring like-minded bikers together – that we offer a remarkable event called Bike Week. All set to take place at BoneYard at Panama City Beach, Bike Week promises to be full of socialization, learning and adventure. The BoneYard biker village is what a rider might define as their comfort zone: it is a versatile basecamp bikers can visit to not only meet each other, but also to enjoy music and food. All in all, it’s the best party in town, and that too with people who share your interests.

Coordinate with RoadCaptain

The Bike Week comes not only with a physical place to bring riders together – thanks to networking affiliates like Strip Club Choppers - but also a virtual network in the form of RoadCaptain, the revolutionary new motorcycling app. With RoadCaptain, it is now a breeze to plan a biking trip, no matter how long it is. Not only does it plan the route, it also provides information about the weather, obstacles, attractions, and any and everything you might need to plan your trip. The best part, however, is how it brings bikers together merely through an app.

With RoadCaptain, you can connect with other bikers. They can tell you about their experience of traveling a certain route, while you can provide your own live updates during your travel.

You can also download RoadCaptain (Play Store or App Store) to stay updated on events like Bike Week and make sure you don’t miss out on anything relevant.

Why RoadCaptain supports Bike Week

Since the entire week, with recurring events and activities, is solely aimed at bikers, this means you get to hang out with other motorcycle riders, including those who just started and those who have been living the nomad biker life since decades. You might even run into someone who is considering taking up biking, and there isn’t more motivation anywhere than there is at The BoneYard!

Not only does the week provide for adequate socialization, it also comes with immense amounts of learning. Not only can you talk to others with similar experiences as yours, you can also benefit from stories of those who have been on mighty adventures on their Harley’s, and have never looked back since.

Once you’re in the circle, you will realize motorcycling is not merely a personal hobby; it is an adventure sport that has an entire beautiful and creative community around it – one you will always want to be part of!

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