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7 Reasons Why Using RoadCaptain Will Change How You Ride Forever

RoadCaptain is a new mobile application - launching before the end of 2017 - that will forever change the way you ride! Designed to ease the entire process of planning a motorcycle trip, you’ll soon wonder how you ever rode without it! Read on below to find out how RoadCaptain will revolutionize the way you plan motorcycle trips.

Take the Scenic Route

Say so long to the days of riding and seeing nothing but old roads! RoadCaptain is designed to take you on the most beautiful routes, allowing you to...

All You Need for a Long Ride

When I get a day completely off – no errands, no commitments, no work – I want to take my bike out, and go for a long ride. I want to feel the wind in my hair (OK, realistically against my helmet) and hear that engine rumble alongside a long, open road. Sometimes, I like to just go where my gut takes me, but as the weather gets colder I like to be more prepared. That’s where RoadCaptain comes in – it helps me plan a perfect ride! (You can download the incredible app for yourself in a couple of weeks!) But, that’s not all I use - read below to find out what you need to make your ride the best ride of your life!

How to Plan the Perfect Fall Foliage Bike Ride
By Mike Harrison

Almost everyone I talk to lists fall as their favorite season. Why? Because the temperature drops to comfortable, apples and pumpkins fill the air – and our stomachs – and, the most obvious, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. The leaves change to bright yellows, oranges, and reds and the whole world looks different. The best way to enjoy it is out on a nice motorcycle ride, as it allows you to be immersed like no other mode of transportation. You can feel and smell the autumn season in the air,...

Road Captain Long Island Ride held its first weekly Long Island ride on 4/5/17, and it was a great ride. Before we are getting into the ride, We would like to give some shout outs of thanks. First off RoadCaptain would like to thank Mike Harrison for dreaming up this concept of and for including me into that Dream and adventure. About a year ago Mike came to me and told me he has this idea and if I want can be included in it, only thing was he couldn’t tell me anything about it at the time.