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Why Riding With Friends is More Fun

The only thing better than having some time to yourself, riding along the open road, is having an adventure with your friends! Some of my best rides never would have turned out to have been half as fun as they were, if I hadn’t gone with my biker buddies. Read on below to see why I love to ride with others!

Trying New Things

Riding with friends is the best way to experience new things. From simple stuff that they bring along, like new music and snacks, to the gear they wear, to the stops along the way. Without input from others, I never would have been able to experience any of it.

With the RoadCaptain.Com app, my buddies and I were able to plan to see some cool sights and have some of the most delicious southern food when we took a trip down the East Coast. My friend Brian knew of a place he wanted to stop, so he created a route, added in his stop and then we all could download the route and look at it before. We knew what time we would be there, and got to look at all the amazing reviews before.

Making Fun Memories

While sometimes I come across cool places, people, and events on my solo rides, all my real riding memories have been made with friends. One time, my buddies and I ended up pulling over on the side of a trail and diving into a lake for a swim. We hung out in the most gorgeous little lake of sparkling cool water, surrounded by lush trees, and had a fun little break. I never would have experience that on my own, and to this day still cherish the memory.

Sharing What You Love

Having a group around you to talk about riding is one of the best things in life! My riding buddies and I always used to message each other videos, routes, and picture of the cool places we had been and wanted to go. Now, with the RoadCaptain.Com App we can keep it all in one place. I have a group of my buddies that live nearby, and my friends from my old hometown that still like to keep in touch for a good ride. We all share our adventures in it, and can plan rides. It makes the sharing so much more immediate and rewarding, and even keeps our friendships stronger from the constant connection.

Always Being Safe

Riding in numbers is the best way to ensure you are safe in the event of any emergency. One time I fell off my bike – I was relatively fine, just a couple of scrapes and scratches –and it was the scariest moment of my life. Thankfully, I was riding with a couple of friends who helped me up, cleaned my cuts, and made sure it was safe enough for me to ride back. I am forever grateful that they were there, and whenever I go riding on a new route, “dangerous” route, or in bad weather (my RoadCaptain.Com app alerts me of bad weather on my upcoming route!) I like to make sure I’m not riding alone.

Don’t Have Any Friends Who Like to Ride?

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