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The nomad biker life: how to plan an extended trip on your bike

Once you get on a motorcycle, there is no turning back; one small trip is all it takes to yearn for the adrenaline and to hop on again to explore new destinations. While the idea of a long-term motorcycle trip might seen daunting at first, there are many who roam the world with nothing but a motorcycle, riding gear, and a backpack. Staying on the road for months is indeed tiring, but it will probably be the most exhilarating traveling experience you will ever have.

There are quite a few things to take care of before setting off on an extended trip on your motorcycle. One tool we promise you can help you in each aspect of preparing and setting off is Road Captain, an amazing new app aimed specifically at motorcycle travelers.

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Packing the bare essentials

How does one pack for a 6-month long motorcycle trip? It is indeed a challenge, but nowhere near impossible. First off, examine your destination and the time you’re going to spend there. Usually, summer months are easier to pack for, since the cold means carrying more clothes. With RoadCaptain, you can check how the weather is going to be on your exact route, and pack accordingly.

Long-term bikers often carry multiple bags. First comes a small backpack with your cellphone, laptop, cameras and binoculars, chargers, basic motorcycling accessories like earplugs and glasses, important documents like passports, and credit cards – and some snacks. For more hands-on items, a fanny pack is a great idea. Next comes a slightly bigger bag with minimal clothing for 2-3 days along with hygiene products, flipflops, and any other items you might need on the go. The third and last bag contains some more clothes, a jacket, running shoes, a towel, a bike cover, a tent, a sleeping bag, reserve food, tire patch kit, rain gear, and bike oil. As for the motorbike clothing, accessories and helmets, keep them on when you set off.

Preparing the bike

Whether or not you need to take tools along will depend on how long the trip is. For a couple of months, experienced motorcyclists often prefer to not carry motorbike tools with them, and instead go for complete motorcycle servicing before they set off. This will also depend on whether you will find a mechanic where you’re going – something RoadCaptain will help you foresee. If you’re headed somewhere you might not find a motorcycle service facility for tens of miles, it is advisable to keep essential tools on you.

Plan your route

It is definitely not pleasant to encounter a dead-end, or end up on a road with potholes and patches; unforeseen problems really do taint the experience. Instead, stay prepared with RoadCaptain. The fantastic app does not only let you plan your entire route, but also lets you view the pathways you will cross. Moreover, it connects you with other bikers. Those on the same route also provide you with updates on any obstacles (or pleasant surprises) along the way. The app also features the best accommodations, attractions, restaurants, and bars along the way. It really does half of your planning for you, saves you tons of time, and takes the long-term motorcycle vacation to a next level.

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