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Break the Stereotype: Take Up Motorcycling a Hobby

Many people think of motorcycle travelers and immediately imagine helmet-clad, leather jacking wearing, tattoo-covered, rebellious, death-wishing hooligans. The stereotype is especially alarming in case of female riders; many would be shocked to know women riders are wives and mothers, because the clichéd image is that of a single, overly independent and self-involved ‘hot biker chick’.

It is 2018. Isn’t it about time we kick the stereotypes and start looking into what a certain activity is all about? As one of the most misunderstood hobbies in the world, motorcycle riding, perhaps, needs the most insight and understanding. It is safe to say many who want to take up riding are held back by the hackneyed perceptions surrounding it, and would rather go with something safer that looks good.

Break the Stereotype

No, bikers do not wear leather to look cool, they are not all road-raging thugs, and they definitely do not hate cars and car drivers. The leather is merely appropriate motorcycle clothing and protective gear that comes with the fringe benefit of looking great, rage has nothing to do with motorcycling, and the choice of vehicle simply comes from the traveling experience one is looking for.

As for female motorcyclists, an eye-opening Harley Davidson study has recently revealed they are confident, powerful and smart individuals. Over half of all female riders cite they are happier since they’ve begin riding, they experience lesser stress, and their lives have improved overall.

What many don’t understand about traveling on a motorcycle

Riders choose to travel on their bikes for reasons that are very simple if one were to make an effort to understand them. For some, it is merely about being ‘in the scene’ and enjoying nature, and not being confined within a vehicle like a car or a van. You can enjoy a constant 180 degree view, which another vehicle just doesn’t match. For others, it’s about the freedom and the flexibility; you can venture off the beaten track and take a narrow unpaved path you see, or you can choose to stop at a small roadside spot any time you feel like it. Meet locals, take photos, or merely sit and admire the view.

While biking does come with its dangers since it certainly makes the rider more vulnerable than they would be in another vehicle, who is to say all bikers are reckless and not worried about a motorcycle accident? In fact, modern convenience now allows for bikers to make sure they are safe at all times, all of their motorcycle parts are in check, and they travel with minimal risks, while also entirely planning their route before they even begin.

One such way to do this is with Road Captain, a fantastic new app aimed specifically at bikers. Road Captain has revolutionized bike riding, by allowing you to not only plan your entire ride beforehand, but also to preview it! You can note attractions you’ll encounter on your way, check up on the weather, connect with other riders taking the same route, and even inform others about problems you might encounter on the way.

With the massive, mutually productive community that Road Captain is creating, it is about time you let go of the stereotypes, rent a motorbike today, buy some motorbike accessories, and give biking a chance. If we can promise one thing, it is that taking the first step will be entirely worth it!

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