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7 Reasons Why Using RoadCaptain Will Change How You Ride Forever

RoadCaptain is a new mobile application - launching before the end of 2017 - that will forever change the way you ride! Designed to ease the entire process of planning a motorcycle trip, you’ll soon wonder how you ever rode without it! Read on below to find out how RoadCaptain will revolutionize the way you plan motorcycle trips.

Take the Scenic Route

Say so long to the days of riding and seeing nothing but old roads! RoadCaptain is designed to take you on the most beautiful routes, allowing you to have an unmatched riding experience. You will get to enjoy the beautiful nature, history, and places across the United States, from the comfort of your hog! What could be better than the wind through your hair – or hitting your leather jacket – while looking up to see the stunning countryside? Nothing!

Preview Your Ride

Forget using a map – yes, even you trusty Google Maps – where you can only see a line of where you’re going. With RoadCaptain, you’ll be able to preview the entire route, with attractions noted – such as hills, scenery, and amazing places to stop. Riders will even be able to update hazards on their route – such as potholes – so you will know what areas to avoid or pay more attention to, increasing rider safety! You’ll no longer be surprised on your ride route, and will be able to plan an absolutely perfect ride.

Weather Updates

If you’re anything like us, if you have a day off to ride you want to take a ride for the WHOLE day. But, driving fast from morning to night across the country can provide some inconsistent weather patterns. Lucky for you, here at RoadCaptain we have designed a system that gives you updates on the weather for your rides – in advance and real time – so you can be prepared and have the most enjoyable riding experience ever!

Connect with Other Riders

RoadCaptain is creating an amazing community of riders. All users will be able to share videos, pictures, and updates of their rides with others! There will also be a discussion board where riders will be able to join mutual trips and communicate with each other in real time! This can help riders link-up with those who have similar riding interests as them, as well as learn about the best places to ride from others! RoadCaptain also allows you to connect with other riders when planning a trip, so you can meet new people and feel safer when riding!

A list of motorcycle events will also be available on the application, and will be constantly updated. You’ll be able to use this to check out events and meet new people in your area, or to explore far beyond where you’re from! The biker community is amazing, with bike shows, toy runs, and concert activities year-round you WON’T want to miss! 

Brings You to the Best Places

A long day of riding sure makes me HUNGY! And the best part of riding around new places is trying new foods, right? Thankfully, RoadCaptain is designed to help point out local attractions such as restaurants and bars that are recommended along your route. But that’s not all it points you out to – it also lets you know which motorcycle shops and repair shops are nearby, in case you need a fix up mid-ride! Now you can know the best places to stop on every single ride.


No, I’m not just talking about the fact that RoadCaptain is a mobile application. On it, you will be able to download all your routes and keep them stored in the app! Then, you’ll be able to save some battery power, and won’t have to worry about lugging maps or chargers with you!

But, there are some more classic benefits to the mobile application too! Like how you can look up routes, weather, events, and places to see right in the palm of your hand. Stuck in line at Starbucks dreaming of your next ride? Well you can get inspired, plan it, and download it all right there and then!

Consistent Updates

Being in the mobile application business is a tough one, but not for RoadCaptain, where we spend our time and resources making sure our application is up to date, with the latest weather, events, and routes. Interactive features will let users share amongst one another, so there will always be something new and exciting happening on RoadCaptain!


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