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The nomad biker life: how to plan an extended trip on your bike

Once you get on a motorcycle, there is no turning back; one small trip is all it takes to yearn for the adrenaline and to hop on again to explore new destinations. While the idea of a long-term motorcycle trip might seen daunting at first, there are many who roam the world with nothing but a motorcycle, riding gear, and a backpack. Staying on the road for months is indeed tiring, but it will probably be the most exhilarating traveling experience you will ever have.

There are quite a few things to take care of before...

Break the Stereotype: Take Up Motorcycling a Hobby

Many people think of motorcycle travelers and immediately imagine helmet-clad, leather jacking wearing, tattoo-covered, rebellious, death-wishing hooligans. The stereotype is especially alarming in case of female riders; many would be shocked to know women riders are wives and mothers, because the clichéd image is that of a single, overly independent and self-involved ‘hot biker chick’.

It is 2018. Isn’t it about time we kick the stereotypes and start looking into what a certain activity is all about? As one of the most misunderstood hobbies in the world, motorcycle riding, perhaps, needs the most insight and understanding....

Riding 101: What Beginners Need to Know Before Riding

Know Your Bike

You really have to know your bike before you can ride it. Know if it’s designed for off-roading, or only streets. Know if it’s heavy or light. Know if the windshield will protect you in the cold and rain. Know how far it can go with a full tank. Know what kind of gasoline it takes. Know where everything is so you don’t have to rumble around it when you’re moving on the road. You’ll learn even more about your bike once you actually ride it,...

Why Riding With Friends is More Fun

The only thing better than having some time to yourself, riding along the open road, is having an adventure with your friends! Some of my best rides never would have turned out to have been half as fun as they were, if I hadn’t gone with my biker buddies. Read on below to see why I love to ride with others!

Trying New Things

Riding with friends is the best way to experience new things. From simple stuff that they bring along, like new music and snacks, to...

Upcoming Motorcycle Events November – December 2017

What’s better than taking a ride on your motorcycle? Attending an event, on your hog, and meeting up with other passionate riders! Here at RoadCaptain, we have found the best events for the rest of 2017! Here at RoadCaptain, we are designing our mobile app to help bring riders together. While our app doesn’t launch for a couple more weeks, you can check out these events to share in the joy of riding with other bikers! Once RoadCaptain officially launches – before all these events are over – you can plan a ride nearby using the RoadCaptain App!